Photos of Zion’s transformation go viral, fans in shock

Already impressive on his arrival in the league, Zion Williamson showed himself even more massive during the recent training camp of the Pelicans. A comparison of his current physique, with the one he presented in 2019, has also caused the enormous amazement of Internet users!

Despite a first selection for the All-Star Game obtained, and excellent averages for a sophomore campaign (27.0 points, 7.2 rebounds), he did not intend to relax his efforts at the start of his third season in the NBA. Quite the contrary. Very frustrated at still not having had the opportunity to taste the playoffs, Zion Williamson shared his overwhelming ambition when he returned from vacation.

Zion Williamson’s weight gain worries fans

Determined to carry the Pelicans until the postseason, the young interior will nevertheless miss the first matches of his team, because of a recent operation on his right foot. He nevertheless took advantage of the Media Day to announce the big change he wants to make to his attacking game this year. But his attacking arsenal isn’t the only thing he’s changed. The proof in photos, with a striking comparison of his physique between 2019 and 2021!

Some will put this difference in appearance on the back of the lights, or on the white tunic of the Pels which might tend to enlarge its wearer. These two details do not, however, justify the much more puffy face of Zion Williamson, or even his loss of muscle definition. Transformations which do not bode well for his already fragile health, and which logically alerted some Internet users.

Between the injuries and his physical condition, I don’t think he will ever manage to justify the hype that surrounded him… He remains a good player despite everything

He hasn’t skipped a single meal since being drafted

Already colossal and prone to injuries after his Draft, Zion Williamson now displays an even more alarming physical condition. Be careful not to indulge too much for the New Orleans golgoth!

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