Photos / Oriana Nava won the reign of the International Chinita Fair

The gala was this Saturday at the Baralt Theater in Maracaibo.

Press release

On a night full of splendor and beauty in Zulia, Oriana Nava was elected as queen of the 54th edition of the 2020 Chinita International Fair, in a contest held this November 14.

In the contest, broadcast live from the Baralt Theater, the 19 candidates demonstrated their talent in an opening called Sabor zuliano, where they danced bagpipes on a colorful stage.

The event was chaired by Mayor Willy Casanova, who together with Selene Estrach, crowned and imposed the band on the new sovereign of the International Fair of La Chinita.

They were also the first fighter from Zulia, Jessica Lucena; the president of the City Council, Jessy Gascon; the Tourism Director of the Mayor’s Office, Michelle Mendoza, and the president of the Fair Reign, Roberta Di Blassio.

In the final picture of the contest, Neileny Cervantes was crowned queen of the Carnival; Alejandra Cortés as queen of the Bagpipe; Fabiana Muñoz, from Petroleum; Paula Alaña, as Queen of Sports; Yeiger Romero as Queen of Culture and Amaizabeth Ramírez of Tourism.

Miss Sonrisa bands were also awarded to Loredada D ‘Attellis; miss Catwalk for Ana Contreras; miss Photogenic to Yaiger Romero; miss Elegance for Amaizabeth Ramírez; miss Silhouette to Neileny Cervantes and the winner with the most beautiful legs is Fabiana Benavides.

Tourism Director Michelle Mendoza highlighted the dedication and discipline shown by the candidates in these three months of preparation. Despite the pandemic, they decided to follow their dreams and fill the event with joy and beauty in homage to our Virgen del Rosario de Chiquinquirá.

Likewise, special recognition was given to Igkys Salazar, official designer of the opening costumes, and to Mileidy Urdaneta for designing the pageant’s swimsuits.

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