Phuket Public Health Office calls for continuing to follow COVID prevention measures despite lifting

PHUKET: Dr. Mueanprae Boonlom, deputy head of the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO), has appealed to the public to continue applying personal protective measures against COVID-19.

The call comes as the disease has been removed from the list of dangerous diseases and entry measures for tourists have been relaxed.

Speaking on a radio broadcast on September 30, Dr Mueanprae called on the public to continue observing DMHTT* measurements.

Dr Mueanprae said people could still be infected with COVID-19 despite the low number of infections reported in Phuket.

“There has been a marked drop in the number of infections, but infections are still possible.” she says.

“This is despite the low serious morbidity and mortality rate, and the fact that more than 92% of the population of Phuket is immunized with two or three injections of the vaccine.” she says.

“But if infections do occur, care is still needed.” said Dr. Mueanprae.

According to the PPHO, out of a population of 593,183 people living in Phuket, 514,882 (95.49%) received one dose of vaccine and 493,115 (91.46%) received two doses of vaccine.

Of those who received two doses of vaccine, 337,325 (68.41%) received a third dose of vaccine, and of those who received three doses of vaccine, 134,945 (40%) received a fourth dose of vaccine.

“Despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions from October 1, it remains a contagious disease. The public must continue to act in a way to prevent the spread of the disease, as they did before.” said Dr. Mueanprae.

“Continue to apply DMHTT measures, including wearing a mask and washing your hands often.” she added.

“It is still possible to continue to be vaccinated voluntarily with booster doses every four to six months, but also to be treated according to your rights, in order to restore the economy and to become as strong as before.” finished Dr. Mueanprae.

* The DMHTT measures defined by the Ministry of Public Health are: Distancing, Wearing a Mask, Hand Washing, Test (temperature control), and Thai Chana Application.

Article original : The Phuket News

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