Phuket reports 189 new cases, 4,448 still in hospital.

Phuket reported 189 new cases, 4,448 still in hospital, 10,733 total confirmed cases, 74 deaths.

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At 20.00 on September 28, 2021, reporters reported that Phuket Information Center Report on the situation of COVID-19 infection Phuket Province Between April 3 and the present, by the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office, Na said that 187 new cases were found in Phuket (details of cases are under investigation). Case 2 new cases from Phuket Sandbox, 0 new cases from home take-away program.

4,448 people are still hospitalized, 139 have returned home today, 6,435 have recovered and returned home, 0 new cases have died today, and 74 people have died.
Quarantine at a community center for COVID-19

47 new entrants proactively tested ATK, balance 1,950 quarantined, 10,733 cumulative confirmed cases 10 cumulative provincial cases 25 cumulative foreign cases 25 Phuket Sandbox collects 115 cases, 42 cases of coronavirus cases

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