Physical training center in Medellín will be demolished due to the risk of collapse

The rains in recent months caused serious structural damage in a fitness center located in the sector of Las Palmas, After several reviews by the risk management authorities, it was determined that the structure should be demolished.

“The Municipal Council for Disaster Risk Management approved the immediate demolition of the structure located at kilometer 1 via Las Palmas to avoid a tragedy. We follow alerts from PMU to identify critical points and mitigate risks of the winter wave ”

This was news almost expected by the owners of the sports center because months before they themselves reported to Noticias Telemedellín the concern that the land literally swallowed more than 300 million pesos in machinery to exercise.

The authorities’ concern is that if the structure were to collapse, several residential units surrounding the place would be seriously affected and it would cause a tragedy.

After two months of having registered the status of this establishment with a drone, these images were obtained showing the deterioration of the structure.

Now it only remains to wait for the date of controlled demolition of the structure, which according to authorities may occur before the end of the year.

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