Physical transformation: from young ‘strippers’ to giant bodybuilders

Huge. So are some of the bodybuilders that we can find today in the world of bodybuilding. Specifically, we are talking about two examples that claim on their own merit the title of being the highest in the world, although with nuances. In any case, both have starred in an impressive story of transformation that has led them to travel parallel paths, although with different objectives.

The first one is ‘The dutch giant’. So it is called Olivier Richters (31) who is considered the tallest bodybuilder in the world thanks to his 218 centimeters tall, which complements with some not inconsiderable 150 kilos of pure muscle. Although this was not always the case since this successful businessman, whom we can see in two Hollywodd blockbusters in 2021 (Black Widow and The King’s Man) sharing the bill with Scarlet Johanson or Tom Holland, among others, has starred in a story of physical transformation, although in his case marked by a health problem.

And is that Ritchers was born with a congenital problem called pectus excavatum, a malformation of the rib cage that causes the sternum to sink into the spine. The consequence is none other than a displacement of the heart and the narrowing of the rib cage that in many cases prevents adequate pumping of blood and the lungs to ventilate correctly. A problem that was corrected through a high-risk surgical procedure that is fortunately a distant memory.

The Dutchman, despite the interruption caused by the operation, was able to complete the story of transformation that began in 2009, when he began to take bodybuilding seriously. Since then he has gained 70 kilos of pure muscle. “I felt like Goofy: tall, thin, skinny, like a walking skeleton “, says in an interview with the Dutch edition of Men’s Health, where he shares that he takes 7 meals a day that add about 6,400 calories and that include 450 grams of protein.

Rumbo a MR. Olympia

The second case is the one referring to the British, Jamie Christian Johal, which despite not reaching the height of Ritchers, remains in 195 centimeters, can be considered as the tallest bodybuilder in the world due to the fact that they have IFBB license (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) and compete professionally.

In fact, his goal is to exceed 300 pounds (136 kilos) to compete in Mr. Olympia 2021 with guarantees of success. As with the Dutch giant, the Briton has also built his body from a rather famished base constitution and since 2011 has incorporated a not inconsiderable 40 kilos of muscle.

Do you need good genetics to be a great bodybuilder? Absolutelyas some people simply do not have the ability to build substantial amounts of new muscle. If you combine genetics Combine genetics with dedication, pace of work and consistency, you can be at the level of the best in sports, but in bodybuilding there are also limits ”, he explains in one of his posts on Instagram .

But in addition, genetics and dedication need to give the body the fuel necessary to build muscle, as the British reveals in a interview on The Sun Sport, where he shares that his daily diet is also around 6,400 calories in seven intakes distributed throughout the day.

“Some days I like to eat a unique omelette: I spread ketchup and mustard on one half, and I had dark chocolate on the other half. I call the recipe ‘half and half’ because variety is the spice of life, “says Johal as an example, sharing another curiosity that affects his pocketbook and his wife’s. His weekly food bill is around 350 euros and the owner of the gym where he trains pays his wife, named Katie, around 600 euros a month to ‘take care’ of his diet.

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