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Picasso, Zbel and Parreno star in the Prado Museum’s commitment to contemporary art


The art gallery is committed to continuing with the deployment of the permanent collection in 2022 and will have as its main exhibition the meeting of El Greco and Picasso, as well as reopening the doors to 20th century artists.

‘Self-portrait’ (1901, by Picasso, and the ‘Knight …’ (1580), by El Greco.

Two years ago, this week and also on a clear day in Madrid, the director of the Prado Museum, Miguel Falomir, presented the program for the gallery for the entire cycle to come. A month later the Government decreed the state of alarm and the rest was blown up. Now, in 2022, with all the precautions, Falomir has deployed the new exhibition program appealing to luck (not only with caution) and revealing the two strengths of this year: the Prado’s relationship with contemporary art ( not a new adventure) and the revitalization of his permanent collection. “We are not interested in any contemporary art, but we are interested in artists who have had a relationship with the museum and his works. Three of them will be present this year: Picasso, Philippe Parreno and Fernando Zbel “, says the director.

And the permanent collection? “We will complete the rollout of the collection, which we have already started with significant changes this past year and a half.” Among the scheduled temporary exhibitions, the first is that of Annibale Carracci. The frescoes of the Herrera chapel (from March 8 to June 12). The exhibition, curated by Andrs beda, will bring together the preserved wall paintings, after their recent restoration, and a selection of leos, drawings, books and prints related to this project. Then will come the Luis Paret y Alczar (1746-1799) (from May 24 to August 21, 2022). The first monograph that the Madrid art gallery dedicates to the Madrid painter by root rococ. Francisco de Goya will also have a place in the 2022 program, just like Francisco Pradilla and a sensory proposal in the form of an exhibition: The essence of a painting. An olfactory exposure.

The strong show of the year, however, will be in November. And he has the pulse of the contemporary and his attention to the great masters of the museum: Picasso and El Greco (between November 2022 and February 2023). As part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death, the Prado will show in November a selection of works by the Malaga artist alongside the Cretan’s work in an exhibition curated by Carmen Gimnez. In Picasso’s work, which is listed as a copyist in the records of this museum, the influence of authors such as Velzquez and Greco himself is evident, the latter capital to understand the first stage of the Malaga painter’s career, between the blue period and cubism.

Then will come Fernando Zbel and the history of art (from November 15, 2022 to March 5, 2023), around the author’s sketchbooks in which, starting from the classic copy, he ends up building his own abstract imaginary.

And another contemporary artist, the French Philippe Parreno, recreating in a virtual piece the Quinta del Sordo, Goya’s house on the banks of the Manzanares, on whose walls he developed the black paintings. It will be in May of this year.

If time does not prevent it, the Prado will return to its strong pulse.

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