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The Prosecutor’s Office again summoned former Senator Piedad Córdoba in the investigation into the crime of the conservative leader Álvaro Gómez Hurtado.

The prosecuting body had ordered the diligence on October 2, but As the former congresswoman did not attend, a new communication was sent, citing her for December 14 at nine in the morning.

The official letter signed by the prosecutor delegated to the Supreme Court Elba Beatriz Silva indicates that the judicial police officers are notified to carry out the proceedings and warns that it is the second attempt made to obtain the statement of the former congresswoman.

(In context: Álvaro Gómez Hurtado: 25 years of an assassination).

It also points out that the former senator has given interviews to the media in which she has said that “has knowledge and evidence of the facts investigated”, so it is required to have their testimony.

Álvaro Gómez Hurtado’s family has come out to categorically deny the version given by the ex-FARC leaders.

The former senator assured in statements to W radio that she knew the details of the assassination on August 30. According to her account, everything happened after people contacted her to meet her at her home in Medellín. “I received them thinking that they were going to talk to me about anything less than that,” he said.

In the interview with the station, he said that on that date he spoke directly with the person who allegedly shot Álvaro Gómez at the Sergio Arboleda University exit. “I could not believe it”, emphasized.

The former congresswoman attended this weekend as an observer in the congressional elections held in Venezuela.

(In context: Farc reiterates that before JEP it will tell the truth about the crime of Gómez Hurtado).

The summons comes after the FARC ex-combatants recognized that they were responsible for the crime of Gómez Hurtado perpetrated in November 1995. This version has generated the rejection of the family of the conservative leader who questions that it is a strategy for protect those who would be truly responsible for the murder.

In fact, the Prosecutor’s Office also summoned the former commanders of the disappeared guerrilla Rodrigo Londoño and Carlos Antonio Lozada.

Londoño was summoned on November 19 but his lawyers initially indicated that he could not attend because he had a medical disability. The Prosecutor’s Office asked that they document that disability.

And Lozada, who is now a congressman, did not say in principle whether he would attend the prosecutor’s bunker or use the sworn certification.

They, as well as former Senator Córdoba, have stated that they will only testify on the case only before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP).

The lawyers of the ex-combatants have insisted that if the Prosecutor’s Office wants to know the information they are going to provide, it should use judicial collaboration with the JEP.

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