Pierre Cardin, French designer, died

According to AFP, Pierre Cardin died this Tuesday, December 29, at the Neuilly hospital in Paris. The Frenchman’s family has communicated it to the mentioned medium. The designer is recognized worldwide for his avant-garde and futuristic style. Here’s the post:

Cardin was the son of Italian parents and in the 1940s he began studying architecture. His first approaches to the world of fashion were a few years later. His creativity and innovation were his main characteristics.

The Frenchman will be remembered for various designs that he produced, such as unisex garments, the alternation of short and long skirts, or the combination of seams that were not common at that time.

Besides the world of design, Cardin had other interests. In 1981 he acquired Maxim’s restaurants and opened new offices in different countries such as the United States and England.


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