Pierre-Jean Chalençon, a shattered dream of an empire

On sale this Saturday at Osenat in Fontainebleau, an ewer from Murat is added to the long list of Napoleonic objects discreetly sold by this great collector who is now faced with financial problems.

Rise and fall of the man who was one of the greatest collectors of Napoleonic souvenirs? When you resell many of your objects under the cloak, it’s never a good sign. Caught up in the whirlwind of his escapades at the Palais Vivienne, where he received his guests clandestinely in times of Covid, ousted overnight from Sophie Davant’s show, “Affaire concluded”, for having participated in Jean’s birthday -Marie Le Pen in June 2020, the one who has always called himself “the Emperor” behind the scenes at Drouot seems to be less popular.

He may well send posts to those who follow him on social networks to cry scandal, nothing helps. And it’s not his last sung clip, Give me your QR Code (11,527 views on Instagram), coming just after Dance the Chalencon (19,579 views), which makes him rise in the esteem of rather discreet Napoleon fans of the genre. And even less of that of museum curators who don’t like confusion. Even if he…

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