Pierre-Luc Dubois about to be traded

The saga surrounding Columbus Blue Jackets forward Pierre-Luc Dubois is said to be about to end.

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The 22-year-old Quebecer will not be in uniform on Saturday afternoon … if he’s still a member of the Blue Jackets at this time, The Athletic reported on Friday night.

Several teams that were interested in Dubois’ services were informed by General Manager Jarmo Kekäläinen in the last hours that they were no longer in the race.

TSN reported that it’s hard to say which teams are still in the running for the big forward’s services, but the Winnipeg Jets would be one of them.

Kekalainen was in no rush to trade Dubois, but the events of the past few days have greatly accelerated the process.

Thursday night, after a long presence during which he showed no effort, the Quebec striker was benched for two full periods by head coach John Tortorella.

In five games since the start of the campaign, Dubois has only obtained one point. In 239 games in the National Hockey League (NHL), he collected 159 points, including 66 goals.

“The Canadian doesn’t need Pierre-Luc Dubois” – David Desharnais

Right now, throughout the National Hockey League (NHL), the name of Pierre-Luc Dubois is on everyone’s lips.

At the beginning of January, the 22-year-old Quebecer, claiming a “desire to evolve in a larger market”, would have asked his general manager, Jarmo Kekalainen, to be exchanged.

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Since then, Dubois, a six-foot-three, 218-pound center, has obviously been at the center of several rumors and questions.

TSN reporter Darren Dreger said on Friday night that a deal was nearing completion and several teams had been told by Kekalainen that they were no longer in the race.

Dubois will not be in uniform on Saturday afternoon, when his team will face the Tampa Bay Lightning.

In Montreal, unsurprisingly, the most popular question regarding the Blue Jackets number 18, however, is this: could he land in the blue, white and red CH uniform?

“The Canadian doesn’t need him. It’s that simple. The team is doing very well now. ”

These words are those of former Canadian center David Desharnais.

Today the flagship of the Friborg-Gotteron hockey club in Switzerland, the Quebecer nevertheless continues to follow what is happening on the side of the NHL.

Obviously, the Pierre-Luc Dubois case caught his attention.

“It is certain that when a guy as talented as Dubois asks for a transaction, it makes a lot of noise”, specifies the former number 51 of Sainte-Flanelle.

Desharnais admits, however, to feel a certain unease with the fact of seeing a player of only 22 years old demanding a trade.

“It sends a funny message to the teammates who have been fighting alongside you for several years. At the same time, I am not in Dubois’ shoes and I know that John Tortorella can be special with his players. Several players have seemed to want to leave Columbus in recent years.

“But in my opinion, Pierre-Luc should be proud to play for this team. You are 22 years old and this is the team that drafted you. I would have liked to see a little more pride in his case, I think. Why doesn’t he manage to lead this team to top honors? ”

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Desharnais also wanted to comment on the situation surrounding Thursday night’s infamous game, where Dubois was benched for the last two periods of a game against the Lightning.

“It’s a shame, but Tortorella, like it or not, is here to win. If your player doesn’t give in and you think he’s going to hurt you more than good on the ice, you keep him with you on the bench. It’s like that.”

To return to the possibility of seeing Dubois end up in Montreal, the striker from Laurier-Station admits that he wonders oddly about the relevance of such an acquisition.

“Do you really want to change the chemistry in Montreal right now?” Yes, Dubois is an extraordinary player. But maybe his attitude won’t be good. I remind you that he just asked to be traded at only 22 years old. You never know what you’re getting into in those days … it’s a big gamble

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