Pikmin 3 Deluxe announced on Switch – News

As was the case with the other “Deluxe” Switch games, Nintendo is planning some bonuses since the Wii U version to justify the € / $ 59.99 on the box. New side missions featuring Olimar and Louie will be added as a prologue and as an epilogue to Story mode, which can now be practiced in cooperation with two people; the levels offered in DLC at the time will also be included automatically. For those who always want more multi, Bingo Battles in Versus and online leaderboards for Mission mode are also available. In the first case, players will have to use Pikmin to get their hands on new items and complete their bingo grid before their opponent.

For those who find the rescue operation too stressful, Nintendo also mentions several levels of difficulty, improved targeting and locking, or even optional aids, which should leave more time to complete his expeditions before night falls. and that the creatures do not devour all your Pikmin. For those who have not followed anything since 2001 and the appearance of the first episode on GameCube, these little workers are divided into different colors, corresponding to as many skills: the reds are rather good at fighting, the yellows can be projected more high, the mauves strike hard and the whites poison – not to mention the flying and amphibious variants.

We would obviously like to believe that this porting precedes by a few months the announcement of the fourth episode that Shigeru Miyamoto tease for many years, but it is still too early to move forward. The official website page being put online in the process, she specifies that “multiplayer requires one compatible controller per player.


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