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Pikmin Bloom

I wonder if I have prepared a normal extract

Saturday, January 22, 2022 is the third community day of “Pikmin Bloom”.

A long-awaited special day begins, where you can get a lot of camellia extracts that have begun to bloom suddenly earlier this year.

So, this time, the 76th play log, we will introduce the bonus effect with what to do on the day.

It’s a little difficult to go out, but I’d like you to keep in mind just the background knowledge for the time being.


Let’s remember four points

Community day classic“10,000 steps”Including this time4 elements to keep in mind

Then, please check here.

・ If you complete 10,000 steps, you will receive a camellia badge.
・ Camellia blooms with normal petals (white, red, yellow, blue)
・ During flower planting, seedlings grow 1.5 times faster
・ You can get 1 coin for every 250 flower plants.

First of all, the seedlings you want to growSet as favorite..By displaying it at the top of the seedling list screenSmooth replacementTo.

later,Flower planting with ordinary petalsWhen the camellia extract is collected, walk while devising ways such as changing it to petals.

That’s it !!


If you are prepared

Usually (white, red, yellow, blue) petals are required to make camellia bloom.If possible, make as many petals as possible of the usual extract today, and on the daySo that you can concentrate on walkingI want to keep it.

And one more thing, now with the spread of the infection again“Priority measures such as prevention of spread”Is issued in many areas.

Of this timeThe community is held all dayTherefore, please do not neglect infection prevention measures and consider participating within a reasonable range.

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