Pilot from Kornhorn crashes in meadow next to his own family’s house: ‘Flying was his passion and his life’

The pilot flying his plane at Kornhorn crashed , comes from the village itself. Bystanders immediately recognized him when they saw him lying next to his plane. That’s what local residents say.

The killed pilot was in his mid-seventies, villagers say. “Flying was his passion and his life. He flew from Drachten and liked to take a tour above the village and his house. “” He would also have crashed years ago.

The accident has hit the village. “I heard a strange thump, looked on the street but saw nothing,” says a lady who lives on Noordwijkerweg where the plane crashed just after 3 pm on Saturday afternoon. “Until I saw all black smoke here in front of the other window.”

The family’s house sits right on the meadow where the dramatic accident happened. They look out from the living room and kitchen. “We immediately called 112, but did not get through. Apparently everyone tried to call. ”

Her husband, without a coat, stepped straight over the barbed wire that separates their garden from the meadow. “I wanted to see if I could do something. It was a blaze, but it didn’t take long for it to burn out, ” he says. “We saw the pilot about ten meters from his plane and it was clear that he had died. But we thought: maybe there is someone else in it. ”

Busy ice rink empties after accident

When the fire was nearly extinguished, bystanders saw that it was not. “The fire brigade, police, ambulance and trauma helicopter were there quickly.”

Saturday was a beautiful day to fly, says the lady who lives next to the pasture. “There was skating everywhere.” It was busy at the nearby ice rink in Kornhorn. There too they heard the blow. When they knew that a villager had died, the job there quickly emptied. “The whole ice fun was over.”

What exactly happened is not yet clear. Debris from the plane hang in the trees along the pasture. A tree is cut right in half.

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