Pimec warns of the risk of losing the summer tourist season for the second time if there is no rapid and massive vaccination

The president of the employer Pimec, Josep González, has warned that if there is no rapid and massive vaccination, it could be lost again summer tourist season. “Another year without tourism would be a very important blow, it’s one thing to endure one season and another to endure two,” González warned on Cope Catalunya and Andorra’s ‘Converses’ program. The president of the employer has argued that tourists begin to think and concretize their holidays from March and April and if the situation is not safe they will not come. González, on the other hand, has been convinced that there will be an agreement to extend the ERTO and has asked that it not be long before an agreement is reached.
“In this country, we have a bad habit of making decisions four days before the deadlines end and that causes us all to be suffering more from the bill,” he lamented. “The employer who has people in ERTO will spend the whole month of January thinking about whether to renew his file or not,” he added.

On the other hand, González has reiterated the criticism of the restrictions imposed by the Generalitat on trade and catering because they are not explained the reasons for the closure. “We need to be able to explain to them why the sector is confined and if we know how to give them an explanation they will resign. If we don’t know how to give it, they will consider that an injustice is being done to them,” he said in the interview. at COPE Catalonia and Andorra.

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On the other hand, he has called on the Government to raise awareness campaigns to prevent uncivil behavior and explain how they should behave in bars and restaurants and “when they should wear a mask and how and how many people” can meet.

In political matters, he has criticized the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Joan Canadell, for holding the post – currently the functions are delegated to vice-president Mònica Roca – and has said that it is of “doubtful legality and ethics”. He also stated that the proposal to raise the Interprofessional Minimum Wage to 1,500 euros is “unfeasible” and a “barbarity”.

“Anyone who knows about economics knows the impact that would rise to this figure the SMI. The consequences would be tremendous,” added Gonzalez, who in any case is committed to raising it gradually “because otherwise it would be closure of many companies “.


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