Piñera warns ministers who want to be constituents: “They have to resign in November” | National

He President Sebastián Piñera conducted a series of interviews for television channels, at which time he referred to the Plebiscite Sunday, addressing the political scene that opens with the triumph of the I approve and the Constitutional Convention.

In conversation with Channel 13, the president stressed that “in a democracy you have to respect the decisions people make” and added that “for me the result of the Approval or Rejection was not a surprise.”

He also raised the principles that the new Constitution should contain such as “the value of the family, the value of life and the dignity of life.”

“We have been arguing about the Constitution for 20 years or more. We need a Constitution that gives us that horizon, that long look, “he added.

Meanwhile, the Head of State did not want to reveal what his vote was in the Plebiscite, noting that “my wife asks me every night and I have not answered her”, qualifying it as a “bedroom secret.”

He also recalled that “if any minister wants to run for constituency, he has to resign in November.”

He also took advantage of criticizing the opposition parties, emphasizing that they have “been very obstructionist. I hope it changes and that the Plebiscite is a lesson for everyone ”.

Piñera said he did not feel surprised

On the other hand, in an interview with CHV Noticias, Piñera reaffirmed that the result of Sunday’s process did not surprise him.

“What did surprise me was the high level of participation, which I think we had the highest participation since we recovered democracy,” he said.

“Practically in all the communes of Chile there was a lot of feeling, a need for change, for hope and it was channeled into the approval,” he added.

On the other hand, when asked about the reasons why Vitacura, Las Condes and Lo Barnechea were the only communes with a majority for the “Rejection”, he stressed that “they have a very different reality with the rest of the country.”


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