Pío López Obrador asks that they imprison me for 12 years: Loret de Mola

Pío López Obrador, brother of the President of Mexico, presented to the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) a complaint in which he asks for 12 years in prison, against whoever is responsible for the dissemination of the videos, as detailed by the journalist and columnist of THE UNIVERSAL, Carlos Loret de Mola.

In its collaboration with The Washington Post, the communicator specified that the complaint was filed on October 2 and in it he requests that he be recognized as an assistant to the Prosecutor’s Office, in addition to pointing directly to Loret de Mola.

In the complaint, Loret de Mola points out that Pío López talks about the disclosure of your videos as “acts allegedly constituting crimes committed to the detriment of his person and his family (…) through the Latinus communication space, directed by the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola.”

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In your complaint, Pio Lopez points out that all reserved or secret communication is protected by the legal system, so that every human being has privacy and this must be respected, so that in his argument he points out that the disclosure of the conversations with David León Romero are totally illegal .

Given this, the brother of President López Obrador, demanded that anyone who discloses or reveals information or images obtained from a private communication be punished, that according to Article 211 Bis of the Mexican Federal Criminal Code, the sanctions range from six to 12 years in prison and from 300 to 600 days of fine .

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On August 20, two videos were revealed in which Pío López Obrador is seen receiving tickets in a bag and an envelope.

The journalist Loret de Mola states that Pío López’s request for 12 years in prison for a journalist adds to the attacks of his brother and president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He also states that with Pío López’s complaint, “the shelter of the State – the Presidency and the Prosecutor’s Office as a whole – is reflected to encourage the complaint of the president’s brother”, before which, he said, there will be a fight.



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