Pioneer A-Series new car TV screen Connect every lifestyle at an affordable price –

Pioneer Launch of 3 new models of 2 DIN car multimedia player with screen at the same time: DMH-A345BT, DMH-A245BT and AVH-A245BT Which brings together the lineup of players model DMH-A4450BT to complete Pioneer’s A-Series family 2021 complete. while highlighting Car Connected Experience features such as WebLink Cast, Mirroring for Android, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that provide connectivity to all vehicles. at a price that can be touched


Lead a new addition to the A-Series family with the DMH-A4450BT, the newly announced 2-DIN multimedia player in May. feel luxurious It supports wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, giving drivers a superior in-car connectivity experience at an affordable price point. The player also supports Mirroring for Android, available via the Autolink app. optional

The new three models, the DMH-A345BT, DMH-A245BT and AVH-A245BT, come with WebLink, an in-vehicle app management and connectivity platform. which is free and compact by the built-in WebLink Cast application And USB connectivity allows drivers to mirror and interact with the screen of their iOS or Android smartphone from the screens of these new multimedia players. to access apps such as navigation apps Communicating, working and entertaining just like you can with your smartphone. But it’s even more convenient with a bigger screen and driver-friendly layout.

Hi-Fi clear entertainment with BASS BOOST, enhanced bass. with support for more audio and video files

with high-definition hi-fi audio and video features normally only available in flagship products, such as support for FLAC lossless audio playback and a wide range of Full HD (1080p) video files via USB. The year 2021 also features Bass Boost, a bass boost feature that can be selected up to 3 levels (2, 4, 6 dB). Bass Boost emphasizes sound detail in the low frequency range. just press the button It will add a consistent bass. reduce the distortion of the sound and provide maximum enjoyment

The 2021 A-series multimedia players also come with unique Pioneer features such as a 13-band graphic equalizer, rear view camera support, and more. and easily switchable Bluetooth settings All of this is packed into a brand new user interface that is easy to use and customizable.

These new products will be available through Pioneer authorized dealers. From June 2021 onwards


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