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Piqué retaliates against Shakira; he will not sign an agreement for his children

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The separation of Shakira and Pique continues to be a topic of conversation, after last week, the Colombian singer broke the silence and shared in an extensive interview for ELLE how has it been for her to face this scandal in which their children have been left in the middle, since both must make a decision regarding their custody.

Shakira’s statements came to light days after she met again with Piqué and his group of lawyers to start the negotiations that will define the fate of Milan and Sasha.

In the last hours it transpired that the legal representatives of the couples will face each other once again in a hearing this Tuesday, September 27 to discuss it, because apparently they do not want the authorities to intervene.

However, the dispute becomes complicated when Shakira insists on taking her children out of the country to settle with them in Miami, while Piqué wants them to stay in Spainthe place where they were born and have spent much of their lives.

Spanish media assure that the recent statements of the interpreter of “Ojos asi” and “I congratulate you”, would have bothered Pique why left him bad standing, making him look like a bad father and she was left as the victim, breaking the pact of mutual respect they had, so could retaliate against you and refuse to peacefully sign the agreement. The sources mention that the player who is very romantic with Clara Chía Martí, will be willing to request custody of his children and if Shakira does not give in, he will appeal to go to trial.

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