Pirates are back in the Singapore Strait

For the third time in less than two months, “thieves of the seas” have attacked ships in Indonesian territorial waters of the Singapore Strait, the passage of tens of thousands of tankers and container ships between the West and the United States. Far East. Indonesia’s image may suffer, is alarmed Compass.

On Sunday February 21, an Indonesian navy vessel patrolling the waters of the Indonesian island of Batam, just 15 kilometers from Singapore, arrested five “thieves of the seas”. “They were caught in the act of grabbing steel cables and several jerry cans of fuel from a Malaysian-flagged barge, and loading their booty onto two speedboats,” report Compass.

According to the daily, if the term “thieves of the seas” and not “pirates” was used by Admiral Yayan Sofiyan, commander of the national maritime security, it is because these delinquents, all Indonesians, were not armed. and did not use violence. But what is worrying is that this is the third “burglary” in the same maritime sector since the start of 2021.



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