Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Could Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) die?

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Reboot, direct continuation … Disney does not seem to know on which foot to dance concerning the project Pirates of the Caribbean 6. After a final component less conclusive than the others at the box office, a desire to give a second wind to the universe and the multiple controversies that surround Johnny Depp, the franchise in Mickey’s ears had every intention of removing Jack Sparrow from the However, hope is reborn when Disney declares to think again about its decision: it is therefore still possible that Johnny Depp is back in the shoes of Jack Sparrow for the reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean. Obviously, fans would be furious not to find this famous pirate in the suite, and it is difficult to imagine a future component without him. What if the right compromise was to bring Jack Sparrow back to orchestrate his death?

Pirates of the Caribbean

As justified Screening, whether it’s a direct sequel or a reboot, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will hardly be able to function without its main character. To avoid complicating the head to justify his absence in the script, the solution would be to bring back Johnny Depp in his legendary role as Jack Sparrow. If Disney is definitely looking to remove this character from its list, then orchestrating his death in the project seems like a good idea. Whether he is part of the main or secondary plot, he will at least have the opportunity to end his adventure, and for that he would have to die. With the right teasing, it can even add a pathos side that could attract crowds in cinemas. “It will be the last time we see Jack Sparrow in a movie”, will say the fans!

Jack sparrow
Jack sparrow

If Jack Sparrow dies in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, at the very end or in the middle of the film, it should be offered a heroic ending. We could for example see him save or train the one who will succeed him in the franchise! It would be in Disney’s best interest to allow fans to say goodbye to the iconic Captain of the Seas, and using the death of an important figure is usually something that marks fans (Iron Man with Endgame). Before leaving, Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) could share a relationship with Redd (Karen Gillan) in the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean, enough to end your adventure in style!



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