Pirelli F1 Manager “I can understand the anger of Verstappen who kicked the tire”[F1-Gate .com]

Pirelli’s F1 manager Mario Isola said that Max Verstappen, who had a tire burst crash at the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, felt angry and kicked into shredded tires. I can understand. “

Max Verstappen, who lost the chance to win and extend his championship lead in the accident, quickly and accurately predicted that Pirelli would blame debris without admitting a tire failure.

When asked about Max Verstappen’s anger, Pirelli F1 director Mario Isola said, “It’s completely understandable.” Auto Weekly Told to.

“No one wants to experience an accident at speeds above 300 km / h.”

Pirelli said early observations supported the debris theory, but a full investigation is currently underway.

Max Verstappen thinks he may have stepped on carbon parts in a similar accident with Lance Stroll, Mario Isola said, “If it’s debris, we have to find out what we can do to prevent it in the future.” It was.

“It is virtually impossible to design a tire that can withstand such sharp objects.”

“If it’s not debris, we also have to take the necessary steps.”

“The laboratory in Milan has tools for performing microscopic examinations so that we can know if the cut is external.”

“We’re doing that as soon as possible. The hardest part of our job is to rule out damage to the tires after an accident. Damage can also occur when the tires come into contact with the floor or suspension. is there”

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