Pirlo: “Clear penalty, the referee gave us his own explanation. He said it was over”

After the defeat against Porto, the Juventus coach, Andrea Pirlo, comments the race at the press conference. Starting from the criticisms related to the construction from below: “I will continue to ask because in my opinion it brings advantages. Tonight there was a disadvantage because a mistake was made, without players of structure in front it would be useless to try to throw the ball forward. Second. me building from below is an advantage if done well, a mistake cannot affect what we are doing “.

Did you give an explanation for the difficult startup?
“If after a minute you go under a goal in this daring way it is normal that a little confidence in the players is lacking. We prepared the game differently, knowing that they were very good at defending and compact. on the silver plate the game they wanted to play becomes more difficult “.

In the end there seemed to be a clear penalty.
“It is an episode that weighs, because it seems to me that it is a clear penalty. The referee gave us an explanation of his own, saying that the match was over and there was no need to go and see it again. A strange thing, even if it is after the game you should have the courage to go and see “.

Didn’t Dybala even have 10 minutes? How are you?
“He didn’t even have 5 minutes in his legs. It was right that he came, he wasn’t able as neither was Morata, who was bad at the end of the match.


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