PiS is heading in this direction. There was also a relationship with Jacek Kurski

Piotr Kraśko in early 2016, he announced that he was leaving after 25 years TVP, in which he was the head of the editorial office of “Wiadomości” Now, he decided to go back to the times when he worked there.

Piotr Kraśko about working in “Wiadomości” TVP

Piotr Kraśko from TVP said goodbye overnight. He was crossed off the roster and eventually parted ways with the place where he worked for 25 years – from 1991. In 2008, he started running “Wiadomości”, and four years later he became the head of the editorial office. He recalled the circumstances of the termination of cooperation with a public station in an interview for “Press”. When there were changes in the management and Jacek Kurski became the president, he knew that his adventure might end soon.

There was no reason why I should disbelieve the many politicians who pointed out the specific names of those who would soon not be working on television. But I knew we were doing our job diligently. (…) To this day, I believe that the head of the news program, especially in the public media, cannot react very emotionally to accusations or criticism. Because every citizen has the right to consider public media as their own and have specific expectations of them – he assessed.

To this day, he believes that at that time there were excellent journalists working at the station, from whom he could learn a lot. However, he made it clear that the situation was a bit different now, because new names had appeared there.

When I entered “Wiadomości” for the first time, I saw Waldemar Milewicz who I looked at almost as if he was a superman. (…) If someone enters the editorial office of “Wiadomości” today, he will not come across veterans of the First and Second Persian Gulf Wars or even those who reported on the greatest events at the turn of the century.

He then wrote on his Twitter account that he met 14 presidents of the station and is finishing work on the last one, Jacek Kurskiwho took over this position a moment earlier and has been in office for the sixth year.

25 years on TVP, 12 in “Wiadomości”, 11 election evenings, two conclaves, a few wars, hurricanes and earthquakes, thousands of unique and ordinary human stories, tragic and joyful events, hundreds of wonderful people – the happiness of working with a great team, 14 of presidents, 15 will be the last – wrote Kraśko.

Being on the topic of the president, the journalist admitted how the first meeting with Kurski took place. He met him almost 30 years ago.

Jacek Kurski was the first president I was with when he took this position. I met him at the very beginning of the 90s. We were together on a training course for journalists of news programs (…). It was supposed to be the beginning of a new service on TVP, which did not happen in the end – he recalls.

The best summary of what he thinks about the current condition of TVP is the statement about the Media Strike on February 10. At that time, the evening “Fakty”, which he was supposed to host, did not appear, because TVN was involved in the action.

I think for all of us at the editorial office, this empty, dark studio was a shocking sight. (…) I doubt that after 1989 anyone would have expected that this postulate would become valid again. (…) Media independent of the government would not disappear one day, but this does not mean that PiS is not able to stand on this path and move in this direction. And with a decisive, springy step – said Kraśko.

Correct assessment?

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