Pistol Whip 2089 expansion will be included in VR game for free starting tomorrow

The Pistol Whip 2089 expansion releases tomorrow on PC VR and Oculus Quest but not until early next year on PSVR. On the other hand, the trailer announcing this event gave us a nice surprise.

Announced as an expansion to Pistol Whip, 2089 will therefore be included with the base game for all current and future buyers. When Pistol Whip released a year ago, we were really excited about the gmaeplay as we revealed to you in our test.

This new expansion brings something very different to the game since 2089 was designed as a campaign of 5 levels with consistency between them. Cutscenes and dialogues between levels are also present.

Among the other novelties, a new weapon is at your disposal: a futuristic pistol firing bursts of four bullets and allowing to kill several enemies with a single press of the trigger.

With this new free addition to the game, Pistol Whip becomes even more essential in VR

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