Pistons boss reveals who Hayes is to be compared to

This Thursday, the reactions are nearly Unanimous in Detroit after the draft: Killian Hayes represents a long-term solution to the lead. The supporters are delighted, and the leaders too. Moreover, the GM did not hesitate to compare the Frenchie to a former All-Star!

The question had been asked for many months: would Killian Hayes become the highest drafted Frenchman in history? The answer is yes “. This Wednesday, the Pistons made the point guard the 7th pick, a historic place, but also accompanied by a certain pressure.

Indeed, Detroit is looking for a long-term solution to the lead, and the young Frenchman should take on this role of leader of the future. Behind the experienced Derrick Rose, who undoubtedly has a lot to teach him and bring him, Hayes will have to prove himself and adapt to a new world, even if he already knows the professional world perfectly.

In any case, this selection is for the moment almost unanimous in Michigan and among Pistons fans in general. While some would have preferred the spectacular Obi Toppin, the French connection with Sekou Doumbouya is intriguing. For Troy Weaver, GM, the choice was obvious, since from his observations, Hayes already looks like a former All-Star.

He’s been professional since he was 16, so I think his progression curve will be faster than that of other rookies. He was trained the hard way in Europe, and has great intelligence on the pitch. His parents did a great job educating him, we are happy to have him in Detroit.

For me the right comparison for Killian is a bigger, beefier Goran Dragic. Left-handed, skillful, he can score from anywhere on the pitch, he has a good vision of the game. He will help us from day one. For his age, he has an excellent defense mentality. He will involve his teammates, defend, and help us win directly.

The expectations are therefore at the height of his talent and his potential. Killian Hayes will have minutes and a good place in Dwane Casey’s rotation. It’s up to him to adapt and be there when his team needs him. And if he succeeds in a career at Dragic, with 1 All-Star Game, 1 MIP title, and an All-NBA selection, everyone will be delighted!

When a GM launches into the game of comparisons, we are often very far from the madness of certain analysts, who throw the names of legends in all the meaning. A career at Dragic is a good starting point for Killian Hayes.

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