Pizza ration for the “killers” of landscapes

BarcelonaInevitably and punctually, every few minutes the sky that covers the Casa Gomis is filled with the noise of a plane taking off. The buzz of the engines has literally forced us to raise our voices in the last debate to assess whether this symbol of Catalan rationalist architecture will have to see even more flights pass in the coming years. The question of the expansion of El Prat airport has reached the heart of Lake Ricarda this Tuesday, the natural environment protected and threatened by Aena’s plans to grow the infrastructure. The College of Architects of Catalonia has joined the conversation with an event full of speeches rather than dialogue, which four of the six speakers in a circle had reached by bicycle. “If I had been called to the center of Barcelona, ​​I would have taken the metro,” said economist Miquel Puig, who came by car.

The majority of participants with a sustainable transport option have agreed with the bloc of opinions opposed to destroying the Ricarda to lengthen the third runway at the airport. “The landscape was here before us and will be there later, if they respect it, especially in this land of landscape killers,” architect and landscape architect Imma Jansana claimed through a quote from filmmaker David Trueba. Can a pond be relocated on the grounds of an agricultural park that serves as Barcelona’s pantry? Biologist Anna Zahonero has asked the question to show her suspicions about Aena’s promises of environmental compensation. “The decision should not be made according to the needs of the airport, but those of society,” he said of the implications of a future with more emissions.

Puig has declared himself the most “controversial” speaker and has defended removing climate change from the equation because airports “are like bus stations”. “We’re not saying no more, but the buses will have to be electric. It’s the same with planes,” he said. The economist has summarized the problem of El Prat in two awkward options: more noise for the residents of Gavà Mar and Castelldefels or say goodbye to Ricarda.

Airport model

While thestreaming of the event showed the tiled kitchens of the Casa Gomis, the architect Josep Maria Carrera (one of the editors of the metropolitan territorial plan) has drawn gastronomic metaphors to describe the drift of infrastructure in Catalonia. Barcelona is the yolk of a fried egg that spreads in the pan, while in the rest of the territory there are some crumbs of bacon. The alternative, he says, is “the pizza model,” where instead of a single ingredient that monopolizes the dish you can add as many flavors as needed. “That doesn’t work with all the millions in one place,” he said.

The round of questions has served to be able to hear some of the politicians involved in this decision among the chairs of the public. “Raising that Ricarda can be destroyed and rebuilt in another place is a joke,” said Janet Sanz, deputy mayor of Barcelona City Council in charge of the ecology, mobility and infrastructure portfolios before moving on. the microphone to a councilor from El Prat de Llobregat.


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