Pizzi: “There is no community transmission of the Delta strain” – Siempre Juntos

The infectologist Hugo Pizzi indicated to Chain 3 that the presence of the Delta strain in the wastewater of Bajo Grande does not mean that there is community transmission of this variant in Córdoba.

“The study in Bajo Grande, which is a sewage tributary plant, shows that it is present among us,” the specialist began by explaining. “It must be from people who have been contaminated and isolated”, I consider.

And continued: “This does not mean that there is community transmission, but that it is trying to impose itself to displace Gamma (Manaus) and C.37 (Andina)“.

In addition, he explained that it does not influence in any way the water that is drunk from the tap. “This is what comes out with fecal matter; it has nothing to do with it,” he stressed.

As he said, this information allowed to know the panorama and to realize that it is necessary to continue with the care and advance with the application of second doses, since “the Delta variant is very contagious.”

Report of Juan Pablo Viola.


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