Plague Inc. gets a free mode in its latest update

The popular pandemic strategy game, which has grown in popularity lately, has a new free mode called “The Cure”.

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Last February, the Chinese government took the decision to ban outright Plague Inc., a strategy game at the very least original which consists in simulating an apocalypse triggered by a pandemic. It must be said that the notoriety of the game exploded when the pandemic – very real this time – of coronavirus swept the world at the start of the year. Beyond the possible controversies that can arouse a game whose main objective is to eradicate the human species via a deadly virus, Plague Inc. is recognized as being one of the best global strategy games of recent years. Ndemic, the game developer, recently introduced a new free-to-play mode to improve the experience and make it accessible to everyone, in this context where reality meets simulation.

Called “Plague Inc .: The Cure”, this new mode has the merit of being based on a scientific basis, in addition to being part of the news that we all know. Indeed, The Cure simulates the different steps necessary to slow down or even eradicate a pandemic, such as research on the disease or the development of a vaccine, through the tracing of contact cases. As Ndemic specifies, this game mode is not intended to be a rigorous scientific model, even if it was developed under the aegis of various experts. By its educational aspect, The Cure gives a small idea of ​​the responses that we could bring to an epidemic like the one that has affected the whole world for almost a year now.

As if relieving himself of the guilt of having developed a game simulating pandemics, Ndemic had announced last March that he was going to make donations to organizations fighting against the epidemic, such as the WHO for example. This collaboration with international organizations motivated the studio to create this new game mode, which aims to demonstrate the essential nature of international cooperation to deal with a pandemic. Plague Inc. The Cure will remain free until the outbreak is over, according to Ndemic. The new mode is available on iOS and Android, and should arrive soon on PC and consoles.

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