Plan B in Colombia: contacts with Borghi begin after problems in negotiations with Rueda | Soccer

Everything seemed to indicate that Reinaldo Rueda He would be the new coach of the Colombian team. The current technician of The Red He was authorized to negotiate with the coffee federation and the formalization was only a matter of time.

However, during the last hours things have been complicated, because Ramón Jesurún, President of Colombian soccer, he caught the coronavirus and the negotiations were frozen.

In addition, there would be contractual differences that would distance Rueda from the Colombian national team, a situation that remains in complete suspense.

In the midst of these complications the name of Claudio Borghi, former technician of Colo Colo and La Roja.

The ‘bichi’ is the coffee federation’s plan B in case the negotiations with Reinaldo Rueda fall apart.

“I have had a talk with one of the senior managers of the technical secretariat of the Colombian National Team and he has asked me for material and the latest Claudio curriculum plus all my information. That was 15 days ago and this week I had a talk with him and he told me that he met with the president of the Federation, he commented on the possibility of Claudio Borghi and he has seen him favorably ”, said Cristian Argiz, representative of the coach, in conversation with Antena 2.

“He is very happy, because a few years ago he did not direct and he has taken this news in a very good way. Obviously he feels qualified to have this function. Let’s not forget that he directed the Chilean team, he came out 4 times champion with Colo Colo and Argentinos Juniors; he is world champion as a player, he played for Van Basten’s Milan ”, he added.

“The economic issue at this time goes to the background, because here the idea is that the Federation is defined by Claudio and then we sit down to talk. The priority is the sporting issue and I think Borghi is ideal because of the offensive approach of the Colombian players and I feel that people are going to love them ”, the representative closed.

Roll away for now

The arrival of Rueda to the Colombian bench has taken an unexpected turn, since from becoming a ‘case ready’ now the coach struggles to impose his terms in the negotiations.

To start with, the Football Federation of that country is not willing to pay the compensation requested by the ANFP for letting the DT go, which amounts to one million dollars.

In fact, in Colombia they want the negotiation between Rueda and the ANFP, to seal their exit, to be as harmonious as possible.

This includes a reduction in the clause and, if possible, that the coach reaches the coffee team at zero cost.

But that’s not all, since in addition to that important point, Reinaldo Rueda would be demanding a contract until 2026, which the Federation of that country does not want.

On the other hand, in Colombia he is asking for results, demanding that he fight the next Copa América and go to the World Cup, demands that Rueda does not accept, the coffee media reported.


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