Plane Crash in Papua New Guinea, Turns to Bring Cocaine Worth Rp. 1 Trillion

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BRISBANE, – package cocaine worth up to 80 million US dollars (around Rp. 1 trillion) seized by the police after the fall of a the plane of Papua New Guinea.

The plane The Cessna’s lightweight model originally flew from Mareeba Airport in Queensland, Australia, with the aim of Indonesia’s neighboring country on July 26.

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A few hours later, between 13:00 and 14:30 local time, the iron bird tried to take off from the remote runway at Papa Lea Lea.

But as reported Sky News Saturday (1/8/2020), the plane then crashed some time later in an incident in the northern capital of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby.

In a police statement, they suspected that the Cessna plane crashed because of the weight of the cocaine which reached 500 kg. As for when it was discovered, no one was there.

“Such a greedy syndicate played a major role in the crash,” the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said in their release.

Officers moved quickly by arresting five people suspected of having connections with crime syndicates in Melbourne.

They all received various indictments, including those related to drugs after the seizure of cocaine worth Rp 1 trillion.

AFP explained, the plane was flying from Mareeba to Papua New Guinea with an altitude of only 3,000 feet to avoid detection.

“This flight is dangerous for aircraft and those who ride it. Moreover, carried out illegally and without permission,” explained the police.

The pilot, who was reportedly an Australian citizen, surrendered himself on July 28, and received an immigration charge.

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