Plane crashes over small town in California – two dead

A small plane crashed into two apartment buildings in a small town in California. At least two people died. Photos show a field of rubble from destroyed houses.

When a small plane crashed into two apartment buildings in a small town near San Diego, USA California at least two people have died. Two people were admitted to a hospital on Monday, their condition is unknown, wrote the city council of Santee on Facebook. A delivery truck and a hydrant were also hit. It is still unknown how many people were on board the twin-engine Cessna. The electricity was switched off in the immediate vicinity.

According to NBC 7, an employee of the package delivery service UPS was among the victims. The plane was on the way from Yuma in Arizona to San Diego. The machine had problems, the pilot tried to land in a field near a high school. Santee Fire Department deputy chief Justin Matsushita said he was not sure there were any more deaths. The scenery is brutal. At least two houses were destroyed and the emergency services tried to protect other buildings. Two or three other houses were damaged.

Recordings show a field of rubble

A large fire with heavy smoke development could be seen in the photos. A video recorded from the air by the emergency services showed a field of rubble consisting of two destroyed houses, extinguishing foam and the broken plane wreck. Dozens of people stood around the scene of the accident.

A local resident told NBC 7 that she heard the crash: “It felt like someone fell into my garage,” Lili Patch said.

The nearby crash was not the first in Santee, according to the broadcaster. Three years ago, for example, two people and a dog were killed when a plane crashed in the city.


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