Plane tickets: towards a minimum price of 350 euros in France?

The National Union of French Airline Companies (UNCAF) is calling for floor prices to be set for flights in France and abroad.

This is a request that should not fail to react … The National Union of French Airline Companies (UNCAF) called on Monday to review the prices of plane tickets for national and international flights.

“The fierce appetite of Low Cost for the French market has resulted in an explosion in national and intra-European air traffic, against a background of distortion of competition due to the positioning of the head offices of these Low Cost players in tax-paying countries “Complacent” and inciting some to sometimes flout French social law. But this war also gave rise to aggressive loss-pricing communication giving consumers the impression that theft shouldn’t cost more than a fast-food menu … of the price of a simple coke … “, explains the organization.

UNCAF, which thus points to “Banknotes at 1 euro or even at 29.90 euros often not even covering taxes”, says he wants to put an end to these practices of “World before”. To do this, the organization asks the government to impose minimum fares on air carriers:
– 350 euros including tax Round trip for national flights,
– 450 euros including tax Round trip from or to Europe,
– 550 euros including tax Round trip from or to all other destinations.

Will the appeal be heard by the French government? Not sure, however, that the proposal will only make people happy …

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