The planet Venus is dark

Planet venus was captured by NASA in a stunning image with which it managed to capture all of humanity, and that’s because we’re talking about something that was possible thanks to a space probe that has another purpose. Specifically, the Parker spacecraft, which was sent by NASA to the sun to gather more information about it, managed to capture the stunning image below of the planet Venus, and you can see it from a completely different perspective.

Planet venus was visited by the Parker spacecraft in July 2020, so we are talking about a large distance in time between the publication of these pictures and the time they were taken. The planet Venus was used by the Parker spacecraft to get closer to the sun, its orbit helping to catapult the ship through the solar system to the star that sustains our lives, and this procedure was not used for the first time.

Planet Venus: AMAZING PHOTO, IMPORTANT NASA Announcement

Planet Venus dark probePlanet Venus dark probe

Planet venus was used by the Parker spacecraft to enter its orbit, the probe rotating around the planet several times before exiting its gravitational power. At the smallest distance from the planet Venus, the probe was 12,300 kilometers away from the surface, and so it managed to record the image you can see above, along with a few others that NASA has not yet they revealed to mankind.

Planet venus has revealed above an image with the “dark” part of the cosmic body, ie that area that is always “hidden” from the Earth because of the way both planets rotate. The spacecraft also discovered a light source that NASA explains through the atoms that are part of the atmosphere of the planet Venus, and in the image we see the largest mountainous region on the cosmic body, all being captured from high altitude.

Planet venus has been captured so far in many images, but not all of them have shown even the dark side that is only visible with such space probes.

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