Platense ridiculed Honduras Progreso at the Micheletti and plunges it into the relegation table! – Ten

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About Honduras Progress It is poor. Goleadas after goals and the Promotion alloy He opens his arms. Platense arrived at Humberto Micheletti and pulverized it with a categorical 0-4.

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The team of the beloved Héctor Castellón He does not respond, and not winning at home would cost them a lot in their fight for permanence, which they fight hand to hand with the Real society, which takes three points of advantage in the accumulated.

A double of Jeancarlo Vargas, which came from signing another last day before Marathon, began to gestate the triumph of the sharks in foreign fief. At 11 ‘and 33’ the ‘potrito’ scored the first two goals of the game.

Henry Ayala a great game was played and was the accomplice for Vargas to beat the goal of the Honduras Progress.

After that, the sharks, directed by the Colombian John Jairo LópezThey took the game to their liking. They played it like they were in the Excelsior. At the end of the first half they won 0-2.

Already in the complement stage in the final minutes the shark bit twice more to round a beating that leaves the Honduras Progress very hurt and waiting for what I can do the Real society.

Minute 78 ‘ Joshua Vargas who had entered exchange, entered the area after another fantastic pass of Henry Ayala, evaded the mark of Jordy Castro and scored the third of the sharks. It was already thrashed and the progressives did not react.

Jeancarlo Vargas scored double to Honduras Progreso. PHOTO: Neptalí Romero.

Then, at 81 ‘, Victor Arauz He put the last one on the board. The side entered with ball dominated the area and the right leg dropped the goal of Honduras, which was angry and upset as it was 0-4.

Thus ended the encounter with two different nuances. Platense, who came back to life and without two of his figures as Diego Reyes Y Carlo Costly and, above, he achieved the first victory of the tournament with Jhon Jairo López. While on the other hand, the Honduras Progress, wrecking in the waters of the fateful descent.

Honduras Progreso, right now, is in the red zone of the descent. PHOTO: Neptalí Romero.

The most important actions of the game:

FINISHED! Platense ridiculed Honduras Progreso in his fief and defeated him 0-4 with a double by Jenacarlo Vargas, another of his brother, Joshua Vargas and culminated the beating Víctor Aráuz.

85 ‘ Platense Change:
Entered: Elison Rivas
Departed: Ilce Barahona

84 ‘ Change in Platense:
Entered: Orbin Cabrera
Out: Jeancarlo Vargas

Juan Delgado is harassed by Henry Ayala, who has played a great game in El Progreso. PHOTO: Neptalí Romero.

81 ‘GOOOOOLLLLL DEL PLATENSE! Víctor Arauz with a right-footed shot beats the Progressive cabin for the fourth time and is beaten in Humberto Micheletti.

78 ‘PLATENSE GOOOOOLLLL! Joshua Vargas entered the area after another fantastic pass from Henry Ayala, evaded the mark of Jordy Castro and scored the third of the sharks.

69 ‘ Change in Platense:
Entered: Joshua Vargas
He left: Nicolás Lugli

67 ‘ Warning for Ilce Barahona, Platense player.

64 ‘ It changed in the Honduras Progreso:
Entered: Miguel Valerio
Departed: Jorge Cardona

57 ‘ Uffff! Elder Torres left-hander bomber that German Yacaruso sends to the corner kick that Raúl Castro does not grant.

55 ‘ César Oseguera, a Platense player, has been booked.

53 ‘ Yellow card for Juan Delgado, captain of Honduras Progreso.

46 ‘ Change in the Honduras Progreso:
Entered: Gerson Rodas
He left: Samuel Lucas

The complement stage began! Honduras Progreso and Platense already play the second half.

End of the first half: Platense is beating Honduras Progress 0-2 with a double by Jeancarlo Vargas.

Jeancarlo Vargas scored double to Honduras Progreso. PHOTOS: Neptalí Romero.

3. 4′ Change in the Honduras Progreso:
Entered: Franklyn Morales
He left: Pedro Pablo Mencía

33 ‘GOOOOLLLL DEL PLATENSE! Jeancarlo Vargas marks his double after a steal from Henry Ayala, who ate yards, approached the area to yield to Nicolás Lugli and he leaked a beautiful pass to Vargas to put the second.

Rafa Agámez receives the mark of Panamanian Luis Jaramillo. PHOTO: Neptalí Romero.

24 ‘ Platense continues to defeat Honduras Progreso in El Progreso. Progressives cannot.

11 ‘GOOOOOLLLL DEL PLATENSE! Jeancarlo Vargas marks the first of the night after a left-handed cross shot and after a long stroke well executed by Henry Ayala.

STARTED! Honduras Progreso y Platense is already at stake in the city Perla del Ulúa.

This important game, thinking about the accumulated table, can live it through the Tigo Sports screen.

Alignment of Honduras Progreso: Jordy Castro; Elder Torres, Arnaldo Urbina, Jeison Palacios, Samuel Lucas, Pedro Pablo Mencía, Juan Ángel Delgado, Edder Delgado, Jorge Cardona, Yaudel Lahera and Rafael Agámez.

Platense alignment: Germán Yacaruso; Víctor Arauz, Dabirson Castillo, Marcos Martínez, Henry Ayala, César Oseguera, Jeancarlo Vargas, Hesler Morales, Luis Jaramillo, Ilce Barahona and Nicolás Lugli.

Welcome minute by minute from Honduras Progreso – Platense from Humberto Micheletti.



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