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Mexico City July 21, 2021._ With the pandemic, platforms have grown to support academics to give their courses online.

Provide a large number of education professionals with the necessary tools to create, promote, sell and manage their online courses, is the main purpose of the platforms that make available a virtual environment for teaching and learning.

With these platforms, tutors / facilitators of online courses can:

  • Create the sales page for your course
  • Receive offline and online payments
  • Put together an educational experience, hosting digital content in various formats
  • Start receiving interested parties and registrations
  • Launch your online academy with your own brand
  • Participate in webinars to effectively promote your courses

What are the advantages of distance education?

It is important to note that among the advantages of distance education are:

  • Access to education is simple and practical.
  • The flexibility of schedules to dedicate to training and practice allows the student to feel comfortable.
  • The study material is varied and doubles the amount of what is commonly offered since it is published in digital format.
  • The instruments and instances for evaluation are significant for the training of students.
  • Classes and content can be reviewed as many times as desired, both by the tutor or facilitator and by the students.
  • It is possible to advance at a pace programmed by the student within the goals suggested by the course.

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