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“Among Us” will install a new map and a new mode Hide n’Seek mode. Figure: Retrieved from Innersloth

Innersloth, the developer of Space Werewolf Killing “Among Us”, announced at the Summer Game Fest before the E3 video game exhibition the future in-game updates, including new game modes, maps, maximum number of players, and more new elements such as game characters.

Only a few days ago it was announced that players will be able to press the horn on the spacecraft. This time, Innersloth brought heavy news, revealing that the fifth new map in the game will be launched soon, but the team has not yet announced any map details. In the game, not only the new achievements and the new crew colors are installed, but in the future players can also have fun with 15 crew members at the same time, which is bound to allow new and old fans to enjoy more fun and challenges. In the future, players’ accounts can be linked across multiple platforms, greatly increasing the convenience of playing.

The new Hide n’Seek mode will be implemented in the future. As you can see from the game screen, the screen in this mode is relatively dark and the player can’t see if there is anything else hidden before actually entering each area. crew. In addition, new characters Sheriff and Scientist also appeared in the official trailer. As for the plans to log on to Xbox and PlayStation, the current official only stated that it is still a secret. More news is expected this weekend.

Although the content of the trailer is very rich, the official “Among Us” has not revealed too many details at present, and the update date is still a mystery, but the official website log also revealed at the end, more game information will be during the E3 exhibition this weekend Disclosure.


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