Players of the Colombian National Team would have already fought before

The communicator gave the information on Blu Radio’s ‘Mañanas Blu’, regarding the alleged fight that players of the Colombian National Team had, at hand, after a game of the South American Qualifying matches.

According to Puccetti, in the Copa América in Chile in 2015, a similar situation arose among the players of the Colombia selection, when Jose Pékerman he was the technical director.

Players of the Colombian National Team in the Copa América in Chile, 2015 / AFP

“What happens is that There was no one who filtered it, there he remained silent. Here they did filter it. Because here they don’t say: ‘It’s that journalism …’ [la pelea] they filtered it; they told Javier [Hernández Bonnet] from inside. Someone wants it to be known and they tell them from the inside because this happened, “said the communicator.

With this information, of which he did not provide further details, he refuted Ricardo Ospina’s idea, who said that Pékerman, protagonist of the memes of the defeats of Colombia, resolved the conflicts of the National Team inside the dressing room.

Puccetti added that solving problems by beating is not something new in the “football industry”, and even said that once he had to stop Jorge ‘el Patron’ Bermúdez, because he was going to hit another journalist who would not let him speak , when they worked at Espn.

Colombian players who would have fought

The journalist María Alejandra Villamizar, from Caracol Radio, said that a reliable source assured her that it was James Rodríguez who fought with Jefferson Lerma and Dávinson Sánchez, although it would not have been in after the Colombia 6-1 defeat against Ecuador.

Puccetti, for his part, pointed out on Blu Radio that analyzing Colombia’s game against Ecuador, it is seen that James and Lerma “were discussing the whole game. They got upset, they shook each other “.

However, neither the players mentioned nor the coaching staff have spoken of this situation.


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