Playground Games says more about sky modeling and climate effects

Now that Forza Horizon 5 announced from the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase on June 13, Playground Games has entered a veritable marathon of revelations on the characteristics of the game between now and its release on November 9. Two weeks ago, the first episode of presentation of the features of the new opus of the saga was mainly focused on preliminary and global information such as the various upcoming editions of the game, the game modes or even its technical performance. This Monday, June 28, in addition to the traditional Forza Monthly which announced the next challenges and seasonal championships of the 37th series of Forza Horizon 4, was held on second episode of description of the capacities of this new opus, this time centered on the modeling of the sky and the climatic effects of the Mexican territory. You can also find the replay of this live at this address or have a summary by the Mangalore expert below.

During this live, three members of the development team of Forza Horizon 5 explained to us how they proceeded for the mexican sky modeling. To sum up, this is the same process already used in Forza Horizon 3 and 4, namely the capture of images, at the rate of one photo every 30 seconds. This is done by trio of cameras capable of taking 8K shots, mounted on a tripod and each pointing in a different direction. All the same, this work made it possible to collect hundreds of hours of captures. Obviously, this represents a huge amount of data since the Playground Games teams have acquired no less than 75 Terabytes. As a result, these snapshots were stored on disks on site and repatriated to the premises of the studio because you can imagine that such a mass of data is impossible to transfer through the Internet. It is all these images, combined with a great deal of development work by the teams, which contribute to making the Mexican sky of Forza Horizon 5 a real gem!

In addition to the quality of the representation, all this work carried out by Playground Games concerning the modeling of the sky and the climatic conditions create a real unpredictability of the race conditions. As indicated Lukas Koelz, Lead Lighting Artist, indicates that we were at about 300 possible scenarios in Forza Horizon 4. In this new opus, we will be more towards the 2000 possibilities.

On the side of seasons, as had already been confirmed by Playground Games, yes these will be back in Forza Horizon 5. Nevertheless, you can imagine that the geography of Mexico is completely different from that of Great Britain. Indeed, while the British Isles experience a temperate climate like us in France, with four very distinct seasons, the Mexican territory has a wide variety of climate depending on the sector concerned. This is what is the great strength of the game and which completely changes the situation from a meteorological point of view. So, instead of having specific climatic conditions impacting the entire map as in Forza Horizon 4, in this new episode, these will specifically affect each sector of the territory. For example, if you are further inland and to the north, you will have more desert terrain and therefore dry conditions. Conversely, if you go to the side or to the tropics, there you will be in much wetter areas subject to heavy rains. In relation to this last point, moreover, in a general way as we indicated previously, hot countries like Mexico do not experience marked seasons as in Western Europe, but rather a alternating dry and wet periods. Thus, it is this seasonal variance that can impact the game map more globally, causing meteorological hazards such as sand or tropical storms. If you want snow, no need to wait for any winter. On the contrary, you will have to go to high altitude areas.

Finally, the three developers present ended this speech with a few answers to questions asked in the chat of the stream:

  • What about unrealistic engine noises? This point will be explained in more detail later;
  • What about the famous highway? Even though this had already been confirmed by Mike Brown, the Creative Director of the game, during the previous live, the information was once again confirmed that the map of Forza Horizon 5 will have a very long highway that will cross it from one corner to another;
  • Will there be animals “in the wild”? In the same way as in Forza Horizon 4 where many animals could be seen, yes there will also be in this new opus. Obviously, not at all the same as in Britain;
  • What about Photo mode? Thanks to the great progress made in the game and the performance of the Xbox Series X and S, it is greatly improved with, in particular, new possible shooting angles;
  • What about great treasures? Although we weren’t particularly worried about their absence in Forza Horizon 5, the developers have still confirmed that they will be back. After that, will it always be the same way and in what quantity? We will have to wait a bit to find out.

So here for the many information regarding Forza Horizon 5 distilled today by the teams of Playground Games. See you next month for a new episode that will lift the veil on new features of the most anticipated racing game of the end of 2021!

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