Playing Chess and Checkers scheduling on the field sometimes does not affect the results of the game 2021 Playoffs “Lone Ranger X Clippers” Game 4-NBA-Basketball

Chess is chess, and Checkers is checkers. The original meaning of “I play Chess while you’re playing checkers” actually comes from the fact that chess is more difficult to understand and learn than checkers. When others say this to you, it means that they think they understand the competition between you better than you. And he outplays you in every aspect and can defeat you. The original focus of this game was that Ty Lue and Rick Carlisle continued the previous scheduling contest, which competed in the psychological battle between the two sides. However, the factors affecting the outcome of the game were never only tactics and player scheduling. The interaction of various factors, the coaches’ The game slowly returned to the players on the court.

At the beginning of the game, the Clippers directly put Zubac directly on the bench, exposing more organic power, which is already similar to the five-small lineup. The lineup with Marcus Morris Sr. as the center, plus Batum, Leonard, George, Jackson, and others, the purpose is to prevent Doncic from grabbing their center Zubac again to score. When Doncic faces this lineup, he doesn’t seem to have so many advantages. He is no bigger or more active than them. The only thing he can catch is Jackson, who moves much faster than Zubac. There is a reason why the speedboat exits the flanking sea. The reason is that the weak side defense can come faster, can more easily perform double-teaming, and can provide more interference in the face of Doncic’s best pick and roll: more limbs Actions, or assisting defenses, interfere with Doncic’s precise shots.

But I believe everyone can see its weakness. It is too short. The starting lineup is up to the 6-foot-8 of Marcus Morris Sr., so Porzingis played very aggressively at the beginning of the game, whether it is a Roll in or a deep position. , Porzingis frequently went to the penalty area to score points, the purpose is to go straight to their weaker penalty area.

As for the speedboat, the mentality of the previous victory blessing continued to maintain aggression. The two top flanks, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, went straight to the gate of the Lone Ranger restricted area, using their body speed and greater muscles than their opponents. The opening caused a lot of trouble for the Lone Ranger. Comparing the offensive firepower of both sides, the Clippers have the upper hand and get more points. At this time, Lone Ranger coach Rick Carlisle saw that Porzingis was not as efficient as the Clippers double gun in the penalty area, and came up with the next decision: He sent in the giant soldier who has never played in this series: Boban Marjanovic.

The consistent presence of Boban Marjanovic - Mavs Moneyball

In fact, the purpose of this giant soldier is to attract another 7-foot giant, Zubac. When Boban Marjanovic was on the court, Carlisle directly asked him to Post up Morris and scored many points for this. This incomprehensible giant soldier can even ignore the flanks of the Clippers, get offensive rebounds among them, and get an easy second wave of offensive opportunities. Ty Lue couldn’t let Boban Marjanovic wreak havoc on the Clippers’ penalty zone anymore. He finally compromised and put Zubac on, hoping that he could check Marjanovic’s offense.

And Carlisle’s goal was also achieved, that is, for Doncic to copy the winning formula of the first and second battles: fight Zubac. Doncic also knows the truth, he is not polite, and directly clicks Zubac to play the pick-and-roll. The Clippers defending Doncic’s players had no choice but to take the top edge of the pick-and-roll and follow Doncic closely. Doncic also took the opportunity to use his body to put the point guard behind him, creating a local two-on-one opportunity to attack the Clippers’ restricted area.

Mavs' Luka Doncic plays through neck pain, struggles with series-low  shooting in Game 4 loss to Clippers

There may be readers wondering why the Speedboat does not use Show to avoid the dislocation of Doncic? But it is inevitable for the speedboat to do so. In view of the past few games, Doncic has shown that it will pay a price to empty his three-pointers, and the show tactics will produce a few seconds of space when executing, and it is conceivable that Doncic will of course seize this opportunity. Project almost unattended. In this playoffs, due to Doncic’s epic offensive ability, the Clippers adjusted their defensive system for him; we can witness his offensive ability has evolved more compared to the last postseason, and the Clippers’ defense The fine-tuning also confirmed his power. It is like the wall tactics set up for Giannis Antetokounmpo. When a star is too strong, there will be their exclusive defensive adjustments.

(The above is the show technology pointed out in the article)

But the sky is not as good as the others. The shoulder injury that caused Doncic in the third game severely affected him in this game, and further affected his shooting posture and rhythm. In the singles Zubac, he no longer seems to have the advantage, and can no longer score in an efficient way. Seeing singles failure again and again, the Lone Ranger’s points are also lost bit by bit.

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