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The question of the impact of video games on our health has arisen since the creation of the medium. At the origin of many debates in the media, political and social spheres, video games are still a vast subject of study. More than a year after the inclusion of video game disorder on the WHO list of pathologies linked to addiction, a new study, conducted by the Oxford Internet Institute, is examining the potential benefits of regular practice.

Carried out with 3,274 players over 18, study used data provided by Nintendo and Electronic Arts around two titles: Animal Crossing : New Horizons and Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. After regular play sessions, subjects were asked to respond to a anonymized questionnaire around the feeling of well-being. According to Professor Andrew Przybylski, it emerges from this study that players who played these titles regularly reported feeling better than those who did not.

However, he indicates that this correlation between well-being and practice is only interesting because the other studies carried out would have been badly conducted. Also, he adds that the results do not however give free play to games, but that it will allow the development of new, more informative studies about addiction and toxicity issues.

You really have important and respected bodies such as the World Health Organization and the NHS, which are devoting attention and resources to something that there is literally no good data on. And I find it shocking, given the stakes and the risks to reputation, says Andrew Przybylski to The Guardian.

Finally, the researchers were interviewed by AFP, which summarizes on its Twitter account the content of the comments. According to them, the correlation is small but very present, and online games can be an interesting alternative in this period of confinement.

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