PlayStation 1: reveal a secret console function 26 years after its launch

Almost three decades after the launch of the PlayStation 1, a blogger specializing in video games revealed a surprising unknown function of the historic console Source: Archive

There, in the distance, the December 3, 1994, something happened that forever changed the history of video games. That day, Sony launched the PlayStation in Japan. To almost 26 years of that milestone, a blogger revealed a unknown function from the console that was not listed in the user manual.

As fans around the world go wild with the new PlayStation 5, the specialized blogger John David Glasscock explained how a hidden feature from the original PlayStation, the first of the family.

Through his YouTube channel, Glasscock showed how to recover accidentally deleted files memory card. To do this, he listed a series of steps to follow to regain the data that had been lost.

John David Glasscock demonstrated how to recover deleted files from memory card. Credit: YouTube


At video, Glasscock turns on the PS1 and selects the memory card option. After deleting one of the slots, with three simple movements it manages that this file is recovered. As it does? Pressing the L1, R1, L2 and R2 buttons three times at the same time.

I wish I knew when I was a kid“The blogger lamented after his discovery. In addition, he gave two compelling reasons why the discovery is important: first, this function was not listed in the user manual, at least in the versions that he consulted. Secondly, It’s a PS1 exclusive feature which is no longer available on the PlayStation 2.



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