Technology PlayStation 5 console, DualShock 5 and retal box rendering...

PlayStation 5 console, DualShock 5 and retal box rendering revealed


A rendering has been released for the PS5, DualShock 5, and retail packaging, showing what Sony’s upcoming console can look like when it hits the shelves. The new rendering is based on information and rumored details that circle the hardware and show what the PlayStation 5 could look like at launch.

The new renderings were made by Giuseppe Spinelli For LetsGoDigital created after the graphic designer had previously developed an accurate rendering of the PS5 development kit. Since then we have received little information about what the console will ultimately look like. Giuseppes Render indicates that they are the PS4 will be very similar.

The graphic shows a slimmer console that still has the tiered design of the PS4 takes over, with a blue light on the edges of the system. The DualShock 5-Rendering corresponds to the patents registered by Sony for the new controller. You can see a video of the rendering below.

PS5 sales unit

So the PS5 could be on the shelf – (C) LetsGoDigital

PS5 design: Sony has the PlayStation 5 not shown yet

Sony has the PS5 not yet officially presented, although the senior architect Mark Cerny made a livestream (and probably bad advice), went deep into the hardware of the console. While Microsoft the Xbox Series X has fully introduced and shows what the console looks like and revealed the first gameplay footage to play Sony his cards close to his chest. Really very close.

Leaked PS5 events have not yet taken place. Due to the spread of the Covid 19 virus, it can also be assumed that we should not expect such an event too quickly. At some point – unexpectedly – we will link a video that the PS5 shows. Maybe out of nowhere again, as the specifications of the next two consoles were presented in the same week. You will see!

Sony and Microsoft stick to the release of their new consoles for 2020

Since the PS5 will still be on the market during Christmas 2020 Sony the new PlayStation-Consider console sooner rather than later. Before the cancellation of E3 2020, the company announced that it would be showcasing the hardware across a number of events rather than performing at the annual show. after the E3 has been canceled for 2020, it is unclear whether Sony With Microsoft and other publishers who plan to hold their own digital events. In any case, Bethesda has already quit.

The Last of Us 2 - (C) Naughty Dog, SonyThe Last of Us 2 - (C) Naughty Dog, Sony

The Last of Us 2 – (C) Naughty Dog, Sony

Sony also postponed The Last of Us 2 for logistical reasons without much warning. This will not be the last title to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

PlayStation 5 price over 1000 euros

Just a few days ago we told you that a Danish retailer wrote a price for the console: over 1000 euros for the PS5. There is also some speculation as to how the trader gets this price. If you look at the current availability of the Nintendo Switch, which has now reached astronomical prices, the Danes could even be right. Microsoft and Sony stick to the December release. The question of price is unlikely to arise if you don’t get one. The production facilities in China are supposed to be running again. Was the month-long production stop helpful to production for millions of video game consoles? Certainly not.

Our tip: pre-order one soon! If you remember 2013 – back to the start of the PS4 – then we know: you couldn’t get this console unless you pre-ordered one. And that alone was not a guarantee.

Sony will show us a real design over the next few months. The price is “agile”, so Phil Spencer about the Xbox Series X. As long as Microsoft calls no price for their console, too Sony don’t say a word about it.

Source: LetsGoDigital


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