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The new PlayStation 5 should be available on Amazon on Thursday from 1 p.m. Problems slowed the launch, gamblers foamed.

After Xbox Series X and Series S is on Thursday with the PlayStation 5 the new console from Sony officially launched. If you didn’t order the gaming miracle months ago, you should look through your fingers. Because of the lockdown, Libro, MediaMarkt and Co. only offered the few available consoles online. The shops were overloaded within minutes, the consoles sold out immediately.

Last glimmer of hope for the community: A larger contingent of consoles should be available on Amazon from 1 p.m. onwards. Just in time for the announced time, however, the item page in the auction house collapsed when thousands of PlayStation fans clicked the link at the same time.

But if you made it to the article page, you couldn’t order a PlayStation 5 there. The release of the quota was delayed, Amazon announced on Twitter, which sometimes triggered wild insults among gamblers.

Sold out in eight minutes

At 2:15 p.m. the time had come and the disc version of the new Sony console could be ordered for 517 euros. Estimated delivery time: two days. At 2:23 p.m. all copies were already out of stock.

The 100 euro cheaper version without a drive was either sold out within seconds – in the “Today”-Check remained the stripped-down PlayStation always “not available” – or was not even offered.

A greater availability of PlayStation 5 models is not expected again until spring 2021.

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