PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series: the game of new consoles

With the marketing this Thursday in France of Sony‘s PlayStation 5, a few days after that of Microsoft’s Xbox Series, the war of new generation consoles has really started. How to get an idea of ​​the strengths and weaknesses of each of these monsters of technology that will be among the star gifts of the holiday season? According to a study published this Thursday, conducted by the Ipsos institute for, game consoles are the second multimedia product that the French intend to buy at the end of the year (26%), just behind the essential smartphone ( 29%).

Here is our verdict, controllers in hand, after having been able to preview the two consoles for several weeks.

Performance: draw

It is not on this ground that one or the other of the consoles can claim to make the difference. Both offer, with one or two details that do not drastically change the visual experience, similar technical characteristics and image processing: compatibility with an ultra HD display (also called 4K), HDR technology (for more brightness and contrast), but also Ray Tracing (which improves the effects of reflections and lighting).

Warning ! In order to take full advantage of these common technological advances, it is highly recommended to connect them to a television capable of displaying at least ultra HD associated with image refresh at 120 hertz. What to increase the budget since it takes a minimum investment of 500 euros for such a screen. The visual slap is however real and bluffing when one launches one of the games designed especially for this new generation, “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” from Ubisoft, for example. On a “simple” HD screen, the technological leap is much less marked and the experience can, for seasoned users of a PS4 or an Xbox One, even prove a bit disappointing.

Design: PlayStation advantage

Do you have some space left in your TV cabinet? This is good because the two consoles are… impressive! On the design side, it’s all about taste. The sobriety of the Xbox Series, a large black rectangular block, contrasts clearly with the bold and futuristic lines of the PlayStation 5. The Sony console is astonishing, with its white panels that wave and end in a point, and its appearance of an object. that it looks like straight out of a science fiction film contrasts radically with the aesthetics of other objects that can be placed under a television (decoder, DVD player…). The risk-taking is a definite advantage to this PS5.

Games: Xbox advantage

If the PS5 accepts the vast majority of games from its little sister PS4, and also benefits from some exclusives such as the excellent “Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales”, the Xbox Series offers more. It is indeed possible to run an impressive amount of old Microsoft games – even some from the very first Xbox! – and benefit from a graphic improvement for a selection of them.

Ease of handling: PlayStation advantage

The new controller for controlling the PS5 has taken a leap forward. The DualSense, that’s its name, is the first to offer both haptic feedback and dynamic adaptive triggers. Two technologies that allow you to immerse yourself much better in a game. The controller vibrates slightly, when you take the London Underground for example in a scene from “Watch Dogs Legions”, and follows the rhythm of the train which jumps on its rails . In a shooting game, you will feel resistance as you strip a bow for example or when you are about to press the trigger of your machine gun in “Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War”.

Price: Xbox advantage

In the “normal” version, the PS5 is displayed at 500 euros and at 400 euros in the “Digital Edition” version, without a Blu-Ray reader, forcing the user to download their games via the Internet. This first price is the same for the Xbox Series X (with Blu-Ray player), but the Microsoft console is negotiating 100 euros less than its Japanese competitor for the model without a player (the S Series).

Availability: draw

Even if they are now officially marketed, the two consoles share the same handicap. The shortage of models available for sale is glaring on the shelves. Blame it on the coronavirus pandemic which has delayed production lines. Only players who have pre-ordered their console can expect to receive it today. The others will have to monitor the stocks of specialized brands in the days and weeks to come to be sure of being able to acquire the new Xbox or the PlayStation 5.

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