PlayStation 5: Sony confirms more and offers surprise

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These are the highlights of the strategic meeting that Sony held on PlayStation 5.

Sony has long played hide and seek on the PlayStation 5, but after Microsoft shared the gameplay images of the Xbox Series X, Sony seems to slowly lift the mystery. In fact, the summary of a strategic meeting was even published. Obviously this offers enough interesting to share. That’s what we do.

PlayStation 5 for PlayStation Plus promotion

First of all, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida explains that the Corona virus has had a positive effect on the number of subscribers on PlayStation Plus. He reports that the service now has 41.5 million subscribers and that they want to grow this community in the long term. One of the improved gameplay experience that the PS5 will provide. From this I conclude that a lot of new content for the PS5 will become available in PlayStation Plus.

PS5 optimized for two groups of players

Sony notes that there is a clear difference between what console gamers expect and what gamers want on mobile devices. The console players want games that are immersive and immersive, while the mobile gamers mainly aim for optimal user experience and availability. Sony wants to optimally serve both groups with PS5. This is mainly done via the “remote play” function of the console. The report shows that the number of remote players has increased by 2.5 times in one year.

PlayStation 5 SSD 100X faster than PlayStation 4

The already much discussed SSD that is built into the PS5 is the key that should make all this innovation possible. According to the document, this SSD ensures that the PS5 is no less than a hundred times faster than the PS4. This makes the loading speed much shorter and you can still go through “large” games that are mainly aimed at development on your mobile.

PlayStation Studio is the path to multi-platform productions and retro games

We already had the suspicion, but with PlayStation Studios now confirms that Sony will optimize the commercial possibilities of a film or game. The Marvel model is indeed taken as an example. They will translate content from films into games and also use popular games as inspiration for films and merchandise.

As a bonus, we read that Sony is making an inventory of all rights to films and classics that it owns and is going to see if there are “forgotten” rights that still offer opportunities. So we can expect quite a few retro releases.

Surprise: 3D sound in PlayStation 5

One of the aspects that we have not yet seen much confirmation about was the sound. In this excerpt from the strategic meeting, Sony confirms that the PlayStation 5 will also be a sensation in terms of sound. With 3D sound you can hear the sound going from front to back and from top to bottom when a chase or exciting helicopter flight in the game requires it. In combination with the (perhaps too) realistic haptic function of the DualSense controller, games must become unprecedentedly realistic.

All findings can be read in the extract of the strategic meeting that Sony made available. You can view the entire document here.


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