PlayStation Plus December 2021: Godfall, Mortal Shell and LEGO DC Super Villains would be the free games for PS4 and PS5

The alleged PlayStation Plus games were leaked in December 2021 for PS4 and PS5. We tell you what they are and what they are about, in this note.

A recent report assures that the games of Playstation plus in december they will be Godfall for PS5, in addition to Lego DC Super Villains and Mortal Shell for PS4.

The leak emerged on the French forums of Dealabs by the same user who advanced the video games of Playstation plus in November and he got the games right Xbox Live Gold for December: this raises the probability that they are, indeed, games of PS More in December 2021, however, we always recommend taking the information with a grain of salt until PlayStation make the official announcement these days.

Godfall, Lego DC Super Villains and Mortal Shell: What are the supposed PS Plus games in December 2021 about

Godfall is a third-person action-adventure game that launched in November 2020 as one of the first great titles of the current generation of PlayStation. It puts us in the shoes of one of the last Valorian knights, divine warriors capable of using legendary armor to win powerful attacks and fight in arenas to the death.

Lego DC Super Villains, for its part, offers a third-person adventure with the aesthetic LEGO (Little blocks to create characters, settings and basically everything) in which we control a personalized supervillain to wreak havoc in the city while a new group of superheroes appears ready to put an end to our evil plans.


Finally, Mortal Shell it’s an action role-playing game Souls-Like that takes us to an apocalyptic world full of enemies ready to destroy us again and again, and the possibility of stopping them with our equipment and a lot of patience: dark fantasy a la From Software, spectacular bosses and everything that can be expected from a Souls-Like.

We remind you that the games of Playstation plus from November 2021 (Knockout City, First Class Trouble and Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning) will remain available until December 7, at which time they will be replaced by a new batch of titles.

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