PlayStation renews the sale of the PS5 in Argentina, while Xbox leaves it for 2021

Starting this Thursday, the PlayStation 5 can be re-reserved for $ 99,999 or $ 75,999 in Argentina, as in September; Xbox delivered its pre-sale kits and will bring another batch in 2021

Sony announced that it will return to pre-sale a batch of consoles PlayStation 5 at the same price as had in its presale last September, that is, to 75.999 pesos for the fully digital version and 99.999 pesos for the version that has a Blu-ray reader. The company clarifies that it is a suggested price.

As reported by Sony, from Thursday, November 19, the PS5 can be reserved at that price, with equipment availability on December 16. Sony had said before that the general availability of the video game console in Argentina It would be from December 4., something that remains: on the 16th it will be received by those who buy it now in pre-sale.

The price of the games

The company also priced some games for the PS5:

  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales at $ 7999 or $ 9999 (standard or Ultimate version, respectively)
  • Demon’s Souls: $ 9999 for the Blu-ray version
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure: $ 8999 in physical format.

The Xbox, by 2021

Microsoft, for its part, confirmed the success of its console presale Xbox Series X y Series S in Argentina, and the world. In Argentina, the presale was made last month, with consoles at 99,999 pesos for Xbox Series X and 65,999 pesos for Xbox Series S. The S series began to be delivered to those who bought them in the country from November 10 and the X series and the controls will arrive from tomorrow.

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox’s global boss, it was the most popular launch in the company’s history, especially outside the United States.

This was not enough, however, to ensure a second sale of consoles in the country as Xbox is doing: the company confirmed that it prefers to focus on 2021 to officially renew the Xbox offer in the country. This does not mean, of course, that someone decides to import consoles and sell them in Argentina in the coming months. But it won’t be a direct sale from the company.



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