PlayStation’s 2021 play summary is online, see what you’re playing on PS5, PS4

PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up

Sony’s 2021 PlayStation Play Summarypage, openlast yearSo early. From now until February 20, players over 18 who have played PS5 and PS4 games for at least 10 hours in the last year (and of course, allow Sny to collect relevant data on the device), after logging in to their PSN account, they can See your annual summary of the past year. Here, the player’s playing time, the number of games, the five most frequently played games, and the trophy achievements and other information will be displayed. In addition, Sony will also list the PS5/PS4 play ratio, Remote Play play time, PS VR play time, etc. detail. As usual, while providing the annual summary, the manufacturer also prepared 4 free avatars for players.

Interestingly, Sony also took the opportunity to share some interesting data about well-known games. For example in “Death Stranding Director’s Edition, players have traveled 45 million kilometers and delivered more than 9.4 million packages. “return of death“(Returnal) has more than 12 million hours of gameplay, and in “Returnal”Lajete and Clark cut split34.6% of players in Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart have unlocked all weapons.

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