“Please help me”…The sad reason why Geum-joo, who was about to be admitted to a mental hospital, couldn’t contain her anger (Video)

Channel A ‘My baby is like a golden child these days’

[인사이트] Reporter Choi Yoo-jeong = The reason why the 12-year-old son, who appeared on Channel A’s ‘My Baby These Days Is Golden,’ was unable to hold back his anger and had no choice but to spit out abusive language, was revealed.

Channel A’s ‘My baby who is like a golden child these days’, which was broadcast on the 6th, showed the golden side under the theme of ‘a son who watches his mother 24 hours a day’.

On that day, while visiting the market with her mother, Geum-joo was angry and spit out abusive language even if she bumped into a passer-by even a little.

Geum said, “All the people I bump into are women,” and showed a sensitive reaction only to women, unable to contain his anger.


InsightChannel A ‘My baby is like a golden child these days’

In the end, Geumji-i shouted at herself and the woman who lightly touched her and even rushed forward.

Her shocking behavior, which seemed to hate women, was no exception to her mother.

Geum-joo, who arrived at the house while her mother was out for a while to go shopping, found out that her mother was not at home, and searched for her eagerly.

When the mother didn’t answer the phone, Geumji-ni said, “I’m going to cut my throat with a knife.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who watched this through the VCR, aroused curiosity by saying, “I understand why Geum is doing this. It is not a problem to swear, hit her, or not be able to fall with her.”

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InsightChannel A ‘My baby is like a golden child these days’

Dr. Oh Eun-young drew attention by making an unexpected diagnosis, saying, “It seems difficult for Geum to naturally form relationships with people. It’s not that he hates people, it’s that he is difficult to understand. This is an innate problem.”

In addition, Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “In this case, one experience was fixed in my head and generalized to all situations. For example, an experience I had with a passing grandmother once led to a hasty generalization, saying, ‘All women are bad.'” Lee explained why he especially hates women.

In addition, Dr. Oh Eun-young mentioned ‘social communication disorder’, a neurodevelopmental disorder that shows defects in verbal and non-verbal social interaction even though it is not an intellectual disability.

Oh Eun-young added that Geum-gyeong couldn’t read the other person’s emotions just by looking at her face and couldn’t communicate non-verbally.

InsightChannel A ‘My baby is like a golden child these days’

In addition to this, Geum’s will to improve her own problems even for the sake of her mother spread, and the hearts of viewers were devastated.

Geum-joo frankly confessed that she wanted to appear on a TV show because she wanted to get help, and whenever the urge to curse or get angry came up, she tried to control it.

Geum said, “My mother is an indispensable existence to me. I want to be a good son who doesn’t use cursing and gets along well with his friends.”

Naver TV ‘My little boy who is like a golden child these days’

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